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Driving 8 of Winnipeg's Most Spectacular cars is within your grasp!


Membership Application

We are very excited that you've decided to pull out into the passing lane and come on board as a member of Exotic Driver's Club! Before we begin, there are a few things you need to know about Membership:

  • As we will be providing you access to over $1.5M in cars, we must properly vet our members. That means not all members who fill out an application will be granted membership. To evaluate a fit for membership, we look in part to a members' financial ability to pay membership dues, and fix a vehicle in case they damage it.
  • Exotic Driver's Club is set to launch in April 2017. If, for whatever reason, EDC does not launch successfully, any membership dues and obligations will be returned
  • Membership is for a period of 24 months, and filling out your application online will be considered a binding contract between yourself and Exotic Driver's Club

Member Details


Membership Plan


Dreamer Plan

Enthusiast Plan

Ultimate Plan

Driving Points


Driving Days / Year



60 Days in Advance
60 Days in Advance
90 Days in Advance

Min / Max Rental

Daily / Weekend
Daily / Weekend
Daily / Weekly

Pick-up / Drop-off

$100 per rental for delivery OR pick-up / drop-off at EDC location
$100 per rental for delivery OR pick-up / drop-off at EDC location
Complimentary delivery/pick-up to/from your home or business

Initiation Fee

$2,500 + GST
$2,500 + GST
$2,500 + GST

Damage Deposit


Monthly Price

$595 + GST
$995 + GST
$1495 + GST


Payment Information

Monthly Membership dues will be paid by Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD). The Initiation Fee and Credit Card fee can be paid by Credit Card. please view the image below for assistance in finding your financial institution information: