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Membership vs Ownership

Exotic Driver's Club offers the most economical way to get behind the wheel of an exotic car in Winnipeg! Consider the following comparison, using an Audi R8 Supercar. Not only is membership in Exotic Driver's Club 71% less expensive per day of driving than purchasing the R8 yourself, but you also get access to seven additional cars AND none of the drawbacks of traditional ownership!


See note 1

Traditional Lease

Traditional Finance

Exotic Driver's Club

Monthly Payment

Including Taxes


12 Equal Installments


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Total Monthly Cost


Up-Front Investment

See Note 3

Total Cost of Ownership

Over 24 Months

Cost Per Driving Day

See Note 4


  1. Lease example is based on 24 month term at 4.9% with $2,500 down payment. Finance example is based on 60 month term at 4.9% with $2,500 down payment. Exotic membership example is using the 'Enthusiast Package'. Cost per driving day ranges between $503.32 - $628.72, depending on the package you choose.
  2. In the example provided maintenance is calculated as follows, and then divided by 24: two annual services, two oil changes and one new set of tires. Service to brakes and other items further increase the price benefit of Exotic membership
  3. Lease / Finance examples include Frieght, PDI and Down Payment. Exotic example uses the Initiation Fee of $2,500 + GST, plus the Refundable Security Deposit of $2,500
  4. Calculation based on dividing the Total Cost of Ownership over 2 years by 30 driving days per year (many Exotic car owners actually drive their car significantly less!)

Membership Plans


Dreamer Plan

Enthusiast Plan

Ultimate Plan

Driving Points


Driving Days / Year



Up to 60 Days in Advance
Up to 60 Days in Advance
Up to 90 Days in Advance

Min / Max Rental

Daily / Weekend
Daily / Weekend
Daily / Weekly

Pick-up / Drop-off

$100 per rental for delivery OR pick-up / drop-off at EDC location
$100 per rental for delivery OR pick-up / drop-off at EDC location
Complimentary delivery/pick-up to/from your home or business

Initiation Fee

$2,500 + GST
$2,500 + GST
$2,500 + GST

Damage Deposit


Monthly Price

$595 + GST
$995 + GST
$1495 + GST